About B.I.G.
Our team of professionals is tenured and passionate about providing financial services that span a spectrum of needs. Learn more about our credentials and contact any one of us to learn more about how we can best support you.
We find our fulfillment in helping others. It’s not just money, it’s goals, hopes and dreams and each member of our team makes it a point to help you achieve yours.
-David Boothe
B.I.G. Team
David F. Boothe
President, Chief Compliance Officer
David is the President and Chief Compliance Officer of B.I.G. Investment Services. He got his start in financial services through the life insurance industry in 1993 and has been serving individual investors as a full service financial advisor for nearly 20 years.
Christina Hibbitt
Chief Operating Officer
Christina is the Chief Operating Officer for B.I.G. Investment Services. She is a graduate of Wilmington University with a degree in Business Management and Finance.